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Ken Roberts has a vision
for Doña Ana County.

His vision is 'Partners in Progress'.

Why not a partnership between the Sheriff's Office and the Citizens of the county. A partnership encompassing all aspects of county life. From partnering with the schools and the education system, to the partnering with the children, and the family.  While partnering with every farm and ranch, every business would be included. Every community will be part of this partnership, while protecting the heritage of its citizens. 'Partners in Progress'.


Partnering with the Citizens to "REINTEGRATE" Deputies back into the Community, face to face on a personal level, every neighborhood in the county will know their Deputies name.


Partnering with Family and Community Based Services to follow up with Victims of crimes, and most importantly, to "PREVENT CRIMES" against Families by working together.


Partnering with Districts to place a "SCHOOL RESOURCE DEPUTY" into the schools in Doña Ana County.  Starting a Sheriff's Office Explorer's Post; teaching Citizenship & Family Values. D.A.R.E. & G.R.E.A.T. programs will be reemphasized, and Deputies will be assigned to local Communities when school is out.


Partnering with Farmers & Ranchers, the original settlers and founders of this county, and all Business in the county to "PROVIDE FOR THEIR NEEDS" through law enforcement.


Partnering with local Universities to produce a continual source of "QUALITY CANDIDATES" to fill the many vacancies in the Doña Ana Sheriff's Office.  

On June 3, 2014 vote in the Democratic Primary for
Ken Roberts for Sheriff,
for Doña Ana County.

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